Facades (About Nile City Project)

The design of the facades, and the choice of the materials, emanates the high standard of the entire complex. They emphasize that this is not just another building, but a distinct, contemporary, top quality addition to its urban context.

The façade is more than just a nice looking wrapping around the building. By incorporating decent and well-studied insulation, it considerably increases the thermal and acoustic of the hotel rooms, apartments and offices.

Atelier D’Art Urban

The impressive architectural design of Nile City was undertaken by Atelier D’Art Urban, a prominent Belgium architectural firm established in 1979.
Essentially comprising of young architects, the Atelier is well known to have inspired the architectural character of many cities where it has introduced its work.

Shaker Consultancy Group

Shaker Consultancy group, one of the most renowned engineering consultants, responsible for the electromechanical design and site supervision of Nile City.

Dar Al-Handassah Consultants

The Firm, established in 1956, is an international consultancy organization that maintains offices in Cairo, Beirut and London.

Hamza Associates

The multi-disciplinary consulting firm, has awide range of experience in the fields of architecture, civil works, structural, geotechnical investigations ,Hamza associates is in charge of the foundation design and electro-mechanical engineering. Hamza Associates is in charge of the foundation engineering and superstructureof Nile City.

Orascom Engineering

A full fledged engineering service arm established in Egypt in 1997. Its primary task is to provide Orascom Construction Industries and other associated companies with engineering designs, work drawings and quantity surveillance services.

N. V. Besix

A Belgium company that was founded in 1990 having started with concrete and foundation works. The Company has since diversified encompassing construction of harbors, waterways, quay walls, bridges and coiling towers for power stations. Today, the firm has flourished into one of the largest international construction companies with expertise unrivalled in all areas of construction.

Orascom Construction Industries

A market leader in Egypt and the Middle East since 1950, the group is very active in the three strategic high growth industries of construction, building materials manufacturing and infrastructure development . the group provides engineering, procurement and construction services in all related major segments, including industrial, power, water, sewage, transportation, telecommunications, railways and tourism.