A central sky-lit podium rises from the ground level to the third floor and joins the two towers. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a bright, naturally lit, spacious atriums in the middle of which emanate decorative fountains.

  • Shopping Mall

    From the Nile Corniche the shopping area is accessible through two entrances at street level, one at each end of the pedestrian gallery. A third entrance is incorporated in the north façade of the podium. In front of the Nile Corniche entrance there are two car drop-off areas.

    The commercial center houses a selection of elegant shops, restaurants which will satiate the appetite of a world- class gourmet.
  • Theater

    On the ground floor there are 8 movie theatres. Their entrances and a foyer are grouped beside the fountain of the atrium. The projection rooms for the 8 cinemas are located at mezzanine level.
  • Accessibility

    Two glass panoramic lifts of escalators circulate guests efficiently throughout the shopping mall as well as showcasing a paragon of commercial excellence. Apart from the panoramic lifts and the open staircases, two pairs of escalators take care of the vertical circulation. One pair of escalators group up in one branch of the gallery, and the second pair goes down in another branch. In addition, there are two main entrances and a car drop- off area adjacent to the underground parking with five lifts leading to the ground floor of the podium. The layout of the corridors, lifts and escalators facilitates visitors flow within the mall thus boosting sales and revenues.