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The Towers


NCI facilities system is operated by Contrack FM, one of the largest facility management and a subsidiary of the Orascom Construction group of companies. CFM offers world-class Integrated Facility Management Solutions following an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 to provide a benchmark for quality. The excellent condition of Nile City Towers is a testament to the efficiency and rigorous standards applied.

Electrical Facilities

The project's electricity is supplied through a private transformer station with the support of a set of emergency generators. A telephone system network, public address, and background music system cover the entire complex. The complex relies on a building management system that electronically monitors and optimizes the electrical and mechanical functions and handles energy management.

Mechanical Facilities

Ambient temperature and good air quality are essential for any space where people congregate for business or leisure.  All of Nile City's buildings are equipped with a central air conditioning system and a state-of-the-art smoke evacuation system. In order to maintain the required levels of water required for the busy towers, 3000 m³ of concrete water tanks supply all parts of the project with water through a copper-piping network.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

To achieve the greatest efficiency, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services for the Nile City complex were developed in coordination during the design phase with the cooperation of the architect, structural engineer and other consultants.

The towers’ water system supplies two tanks with a capacity of 1100 m³.

At peak cooling, Nile City will require about 5500 TR of cooling.

The towers’ peak electrical capacity is 21mW.


The basement contains four floors of parking totaling over 1250 car parking places, and some technical rooms and stores. The hotel operator also has a dedicated parking area on Level 2, designated for hotel use only. The rest of the available parking area of the basement levels from 1 to 4 are shared by the offices and the shopping mall tenants. 

These different parking areas are physically separated from each other to ensure maximum privacy and safety. The parking of South Tower apartments and offices is accessible from the Nile Corniche by one ramp within and out lanes. The parking for the North Tower Offices, Hotel, and public use is accessible from the Nile Corniche by another ramp within and out lanes, and from the back by one in and out ramp for South Tower. For the internal circulation between different floors, there are two bi-directional ramps, one on either side of the parking area. From the parking levels, the ground floor of the complex is accessible by lifts and stairs. Different lifts, or banks of lifts, give access to the different parts of the complex. 

Security & Safety

Security measures are up to the highest standards. The complex is fully covered by automatic sprinklers and a hose cabinet system. Ensuring further vigilance, all the complex is equipped with an analytic CCTV system for surveillance. In addition, activation of an access control system is in place to ensure the identity of all visitors to the Towers’ occupants, giving 24/7 security coverage by highly skilled security officers. This is in order to reach the highest security and safety levels.

Fire Safety

Fire safety and speed of evacuation were prime factors in the design of Nile City. In case of fire, an evacuation message is broadcast in Arabic and English in the building's public areas, with a fire siren being used in the basement and the towers giving 24/7 security coverage by highly skilled security officers.A concrete core surrounds all stairwells and the building service and fireman's elevator. As it would be unfeasible to walk down 33 floors, there are pressurized staircases and vacuum escape corridors on each floor.


Nile Towers is home to 40 elevators and 2 panoramic elevators. Nile City is the first mega-high rise in which certain elevators have been programmed to permit controlled evacuation for fire or security events in Cairo, traveling at a speed of 3m per second.